Voiced by: Supurreme

Designed by: Lymerikk

Release Date: TBA

Gender: Female

Age: N/A

Height: 5’7″ (170cm)

Weight: 125 lbs (54 kg)

Likes: Stargazing, clear skies, summer nights, small animals, fairy lights, konpeito, iced coffee

Dislikes: Cloudy days, cold weather, hot coffee, bugs, sour things, getting her hair wet


Please Note! Even though Mimi-YA has background information and personality as described below, she does not have to conform to it for songs, art or videos, so as to not limit her creative usage. It is entirely optional and just for fun!



GALAXY is nearly complete!

Voicebanks in Progress

「GALAXY」 Japanese

Mimi-YA’s base voicebank. 3-pitch VCV with endbreaths, glottal stop vowels, and english Ls and Rs.


A strong/power append.


A soft append.


Mimi-Ya’s base English bank. Single-pitch VCCV.

Beta Voicebanks


Voicebank Downloads

Coming soon!

Coming soon..!

Coming soon..!