Kikyuune Aiko


Western Order: Aiko Kikyuune

Voiced by: MystSaphyr

Designed by: MystSaphyr

Release Date: July 10, 2009

Gender: female

Age: n/a

Height: 5’9″ (175cm)

Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)

Likes: balloons, chocolate and other sweets, video games, revenge

Dislikes: spicy foods, sore losers, being seen when crying

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Please Note! Even though Aiko has background information and personality as described below, she does not have to conform to it for songs, art or videos, so as to not limit her creative usage. It is entirely optional and just for fun!

Aiko is a biodroid (robot with organic parts added) designed to perform, sing and play instruments. She tends to act and look a bit tomboyish, and physically is rather lanky and tall. She’s easily distracted and spends most of her time daydreaming or playing video games, and her temper is as short as her attention span. Aiko has a particular love of high places, and enjoys traveling in flying vehicles or looking out from observation decks on towers or skyscrapers. She can be loud, proud and belligerent and hates being seen as vulnerable to others. She sometimes slips into a Tennessean accent when she loses focus or becomes particularly aggravated, due to her language processor malfunctioning.

Also appears to really, really like Omanyte, has a particular fondness for monsters and dinosaurs, and might be Kagami Kawaiine’s sister…


KoriiNee MMD model in progress!

Voicebanks in Progress

「ATMOSPHERE」Japanese & English

Multiexpression,4-pitch VCV and VCCV combo packs of Nimbus (strong), Cirrus (soft) and Stratus (mid-tone).

「WORLD」Phase 1

A package containing VCCV Korean, CVVChinese and VCCV Spanish.

「WORLD」Phase 2

A package containing 3 other languages. Considering Thai, Dutch and German first.


An English voicebank recorded with a strong Southern accent.

Beta Voicebanks

Kikyuune Aiko「Nimbus」VCV

Current Voicebanks

RockLoud CVVC JP
RockLoud CVVC EN

Older Voicebanks

BalladSoft CV-VV JP
RockLoud CV-VV JP
RockLoud CV JP
ACT1 「Revival」CV JP

Coming soon..!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to certain circumstances, Aiko’s Yoistyle / VOCAMERICA model is not available publicly.
Please refrain from asking for this model.

  • Primary design reference.
  • Alternate design reference.
  • “Model-C” design reference sheet.
  • 2019 primary character art.
  • 2017 primary character art.
  • 2020 Model-C character art.