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Name: Fuusenne
Meaning: “helium balloon sound”

Voiced by: MystSaphyr (with formant filter)

Designed by: MystSaphyr


Age: ???

Gender: ??!?!

Height: 4′ 2″ (150 cm)
(including string)

Weight: negligible

Release: 4 / 1 / 12

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Timbre / Tone:
Optimum Resamplers:
fresamp with F0 flag, moresampler

Voicebank Examples:

Voicebank Downloads:

CVVC/Rentan JP V.2.1: Download from Google Drive
CV JP V.1: Download from Google Drive

Likes: clouds
Dislikes: trees

Fuusenne doesn’t like getting stuck in trees. If you see them stuck in a tree, please get them down. Carefully.
Fuusenne is Aiko’s pet balloon. Occasionally they will paint a sloppy version of Aiko’s face on their own and mock Aiko by repeating everything she says.