Welcome to the UTAU XYZ Timecapsule! If you've found this, congratulations, you win nothing.

What you see here is my very first UTAU website, created for a college assignment in December 2009, just after the announcement of the first 3 AHS Vocaloids.


What is UTAU?

Due to the popularity of the Crypton Vocaloids, a freeware alternative was created, promoting similar avatars for the "UTAUloid" voices. Using UTAU, one can record their own voice to create a Vocaloid-like virtual singer. The default voice for the program is Defoko, made from a text-to-speech program, as seen here.

One only needs to record a short sample of each Japanese syllable, and put them into the software. Then they could create songs with range, vibrato and tone quality not possible with their own natural singing, as well as put the voicebanks on the internet for others to use. The numbers of UTAUloids exploded, and both Japanese and international creators alike began adapting anime-like avatars and names for their creations, just like the Crypton Vocaloids.

Samples of other UTAUs

Popular Japanese UTAUs

Kasane Teto
"Kasane Territory", "StargazeR" (New Teto Triphonics)

Yokune Ruko
"Koe", "Toeto", "Meltdown"

Fuuga Koto
"Song of Robots Ear", "Love is War" and "Double Lariat" Triphonic Samples

Popular Multilingual Overseas UTAUs

Camila Melodia
"Saludos, Saludos" (with Camilo Adagio and Siena and Danilo Kotone), "Pescador de Hombres" (chorus)

Tony Yonne
"Toxic", "Queen of Night Aria"