Welcome to the UTAU XYZ Timecapsule! If you've found this, congratulations, you win nothing.

What you see here is my very first UTAU website, created for a college assignment in December 2009, just after the announcement of the first 3 AHS Vocaloids.


Other Synth Singers

"Macloids" - ACT2 software in Japan created Macne Nana and Macne Coco, both voice plugins for the audio mixers Reason and Garageband. Both Nana and Coco have been imported into UTAU by PC owners, and some UTAU creators have created similar Macloid libraries for their UTAUs.
FL-chan and FL Studio - The popular audio mixing software called FL Studio (Fruity Loops Studio) has a number of computer-sounding synth voices. The "child" voice is often deemed to be that of FL-chan, the anime-like mascot of the software, although the software includes plugins for other types of strange vocals, such as the Fluty Vocorder shown in this video at around 1:08.
Melody Assistant Virtual Singer - An older software with an array of computerized singing voices.
Symphonic Choirs - Software that produces a synth chorus that does more than "ooh" and "aah" like traditional synth chorus voices.

In addition to the above, Mac computers include a set of synth "Speech" voices that sing text to the tunes of a funeral dirge (Bad News), "Pomp and Circumstance" (Good News) and the Alfred Hitchcock theme (Cellos).