First chorus in a long time, with a couple of UTAUs I’ve been meaning to use!

Well, actually I’ve used Maki, but not for anything so far but the Heart Sutra stuff. And Jei’s and Namida’s new acts just came out so I got them just in time 8D

Thanks so much for 700 subs! ;u; All my backed-up USTs should be released soon!

The Aiko&Maki Heart Sutra project is back!

If you’re not familiar with this project, visit 0AikoHeartMakiSutra0 on Youtube. Maki’s voicer, Cien, and I have a goal to make all of the versions of Hannya Shingyo out that have karaokes. I can’t believe how long we’d neglected it, but the second cover (of thirty-plus) is out, and it’s the Hardcore version by Utsu-P!

 Also, I played a bit more with MMD and learned how long making a proper HD video takes…. aughhh.

Only the XYZ Bugs and Lat Aiko are up for download currently. Kio Aiko still needs physics :C