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HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY AIKO! I’m pleased to announce the release of Aiko’s 4-pitch Japanese VCV voicebank, named “Slipstream”! The voicebank is now available to download on Aiko’s page, with Google Drive and Mega mirrors.

This voicebank is one I’ve been sitting on for some time now, I recorded it back in 2019 but never got around to finishing it (so it goes) until now. Many thanks to Tom (@text_to_death) for the oto work! It was the last voicebank I recorded using my Blue Yeti, and my first completed VCV. She functions quite well with moresampler and takes to the tension (Mt) flag like a dream. This was also my first cover using OpenUtau, and I can safely say I’m never going back.

I apologize that I haven’t been super active recently. It’s been a rough couple of years, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. Please expect vocalsynth updates to be posted directly here or to my YouTube channel as community posts rather than to my Twitter. For various reasons, I’ve decided to stick to my social media hiatus for a bit longer. Being off of my main account has been a welcome breath of fresh air for my mental health and I’d like to keep it that way. If I used to promote my vsynth work entirely through this website and YT, then I can go back to that just like old times!

Fuusenne turned 4 years old yesterday, and to celebrate, I’ve finally released a new voicebank for them! You can find the downloads on the video below or on their profile page!

The bank is a tripitch CVVC/rentan, and works well with presamp (the sample below was rendered with presamp and fresamp11)

Happy birthday, my absurd balloon child.

Aaaaand she’s here! Aiko’s RockLoud JP CVVC is released and downloadable on the left sidebar!

Many thanks to everyone who put up with my nonsense over releasing this voicebank and video. I couldn’t have kept my sanity done it without y’all.

The major voicebank details are in the second half of the video, but the basic rundown is she’s 4-pitch CVVC and works in presamp or with autoCVVC. Her oto.ini preutter/overlap are shorter than most CVVC banks, but that was done specifically because any longer and she couldn’t be easily used manually on UTAU-Synth.

I hope you enjoy using her! Even more CVVC (and VCCV) voicebanks to come in the future~

Happy (belated) 5th birthday to Aiko, and happy (early) 5th anniversary to Project UTAU XYZ!

 I still have a few things in store for the rest of the week but I figured I might as well get all this done. Aiko’s CVVC English is officially released!

Also, CrusherP/Cien and I collaborated on another song and PV! It’s my first PV but I plan to make many more in the future as I get used to After Effects. Many thanks to CircusP for his amazing mastering job!

Seems I’ve neglected to post in a while again. I have 4 videos to share this time: 2 remixes, an UTAU demo and an UTAU voicebank release!

First up is a remix I did for CircusP’s new EP “Five” of his song “Amai Kotoba” (which happens to be one of my favorites by him)

I had a ton of fun with this remix. I’ve wanted to make a few chiptunes-y/fakebit things, and this was a good opportunity to practice.

You can purchase “Five” from CircusP’s bandcamp here!

Next up is an UTAU voicebank I’ve recorded from a friend. I got 3 recording volunteers from the UTK cosplay club, and so far he’s the only one to finish a voicebank! We plan to add VC for full CVVC and English supplements in the style of Hibanane Chiyoko. I’m REALLY pleased with how he came out and I think he’ll be a good, solid addition to the UTAU XYZ series.

I also made a parody version of “Breaking Point” for a compilation album themed around the delicious joke UTAU, Sekushi Beikon. The album is still being finalized, but I was able to post my song for a “late” April Fool’s day upload! The spoken samples are all from Epic Meal Time.

Last but certainly not least, I got to help out with Yue Nagareboshi’s release by making both art and a video! Nagareboshi Yue is an UTAU owned by Mario.MD (also goes by Yue) who was first released back in 2010. This release contains a monopitch CVVC voicebank based on Namine Ritsu EVE.