Hanga CYE is released!

Our latest addition to the VOXYZ voicebank roster, Hanga CYE HackCVVC, is officially out!

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the premiere on YouTube! It was my second time hosting such a thing, and y’all made it a super fun experience! I’ll definitely be doing this from here on out for voicebank and original song releases.

You can view CYE’s details on his page here, and download him under the “UTAU” tab. I’ve also released the UST for “Feel So Moon” which can be downloaded from the cover UST list here!

The next voicebanks planned for release during the quarantine are Chiyoko DRAGON CVVC, Akiko CVVC, Bunko CVVC and Silesia CVVC. Wish me luck!

Happy (slightly belated) 6th birthday, Aiko!

Aaaaand she’s here! Aiko’s RockLoud JP CVVC is released and downloadable on the left sidebar!

Many thanks to everyone who put up with my nonsense over releasing this voicebank and video. I couldn’t have kept my sanity done it without y’all.

The major voicebank details are in the second half of the video, but the basic rundown is she’s 4-pitch CVVC and works in presamp or with autoCVVC. Her oto.ini preutter/overlap are shorter than most CVVC banks, but that was done specifically because any longer and she couldn’t be easily used manually on UTAU-Synth.

I hope you enjoy using her! Even more CVVC (and VCCV) voicebanks to come in the future~