Just a minor announcement. I’ve been testing my CVVC bank as straight CV, and seeing as it’s working quite well, I’ll be officially retiring CV-VV once I finish these voicebanks.

CV-VV PopMellow will not be recorded and will instead be pushed to the CVVC production queue.

(As usual, these old banks will remain on the site for download as archive links, but will no longer be updated.)

Aiko’s RockLoud CVVC bank is nearing completion. Estimated release date is next Saturday!

All that’s left to do is fix up F4 “na” and “ma”, finish the otos to my devoiced i/u samples, and to touch up some FRQs.

It might be a while before I’m able to record PopMellow CV-VV (the last of my monopitch CV banks) or any other CVVC, but I’ll start those as soon as I am able.

(Also one last minor update, I am adding German to Aiko’s planned languages.)

Apparently, Mega.co.nz wasn’t the best choice for my voicebank host due to it being in heavy development and not quite compatible for every OS or browser yet.

I will not have reliable internet for a few days, so until then, I’ve asked some friends to reupload the voicebanks and I’ll post the alternate links whenever I can.

And here’s another English cover I’ve had saved for a while! Thanks so much to Shiva for the art~