Hey all! It’s been hectic over here, and it’s way late into September for me to be posting a much-belated August features, so I’m going to be posting a dual-month entry on October 1st.

I have a few things coming up that I’m pretty excited about. For one, a generous UTAU user has been currently working on splicing up Aiko’s CVVC samples and is nearly done! I’ll re-release Aiko’s CVVC as V.6.1 as soon as I receive the fixed bank. This should fix any resampler/FRQ errors she’s been having.

Also, I’m working on another original song. Normally I wouldn’t post anything about this sort of project, but seeing as the deadline is Halloween day, I figured this might be the sort of kick in the rear I need to get things moving. The lyrics are around half done and the song will likely use Sonika, since I should try my hand at actually making Vocaloid stuff once in a while.

Also, to those asking about Aiko’s VCCV, I plan to finish BalladSoft as soon as I get the time/space to do so. And there’s a bit of a chance that’ll happen this weekend. So here’s hoping.

That’s all for now!

Halleluka, praise Gumi! I’ve finished Aiko’s winter/alt design ref sheet!

You know what this means: all the art for Aiko’s first JP CVVC bank is COMPLETE! I’ve finished touching up otos and aliases today as well, and now all that’s left is to fix FRQs, tune the covers for her video, and upload. The video itself is done, it just needs audio!

Stay tuned for Aiko’s 6th birthday on July 10th!

Last news post for the day I think: I forgot to mention I updated Aiko’s reference sheet!

This is one of 3 design references that will be included in her new voicebanks (the others being her alt/winter design, and Akio)

You may notice that the blue in her hair has changed a bit in this image and in her official arts uploaded to deviantART; while you can feel free to continue to draw her with any shade of blue hair (she’s quite open to interpretation really) I’m just trying out some different things in coloring her as of late. Website/banner artwork will be updated eventually to match the newer coloring!