Aaaaand she’s here! Aiko’s RockLoud JP CVVC is released and downloadable on the left sidebar!

Many thanks to everyone who put up with my nonsense over releasing this voicebank and video. I couldn’t have kept my sanity done it without y’all.

The major voicebank details are in the second half of the video, but the basic rundown is she’s 4-pitch CVVC and works in presamp or with autoCVVC. Her oto.ini preutter/overlap are shorter than most CVVC banks, but that was done specifically because any longer and she couldn’t be easily used manually on UTAU-Synth.

I hope you enjoy using her! Even more CVVC (and VCCV) voicebanks to come in the future~

I’m a bit late and incomplete in posting this, but April 1st was Teto’s 7th birthday and Fuusenne’s 3rd!

I managed to finish a cover using Teto’s new English bank in time at the very least:

Stay tuned, March’s monthly features post is coming up next!

Homurane Ray, one of my favorite Japanese UTAU, had her 3rd anniversary on the 8th and there’s a “Ray Anniversary Festival” running on Nico, Pixiv and Twitter until the 23rd. Of course I had to chip in and do a cover. I never downloaded the MEIKO Power trial back when it first came out, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make Ray and MEIKO duet, since Ray’s voicer (Amaebi) really loves MEIKO.

Keep on being awesome, Ray/Amaebi!

I’m pleased to announce that after far too many delays Aiko’s CV-VV RockLoud and BalladSoft Japanese voicebanks are released!

I won’t call them “finished” just yet, as I plan to record some extra pitches by the end of the summer to include, but they’re complete and working monopitch banks.

I’ve edited all the download links on the side and taken down the V.4 and Act3 voicebanks as they are now obsolete. Also, you’ll find a couple of extras, such as a whistle voicebank I made for fun (check the readme for that one please!) and an omake/exVOICE-type folder for Aiko that contains some slightly silly and random samples.

Thanks again for 4 years of UTAU! I’m happy to still be a part of this fandom~ and you can expect another couple of surprises coming up by the 16th, which is Project UTAU XYZ’s 4th anniversary!

Just 2 days ago, on July 10th, I passed my 2-year anniversary of using UTAU ;u;/

Thanks a bunch to everyone who made a birthday gift for her ;n; It really means a lot to me.

And many, many thanks to Hollikuru for making Aiko’s old SOFT Append sing “Powder Snow”! 😀

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish quite everything I wanted to. I’ll continue to work on perfecting Aiko’s English (she’ll have recordings in 2 different reclist styles once I’m done) and multilinguality, as well as her 2 other banks (PopMellow and BalladSoft).

And last but certainly not least, Aiko has an original song!

Cien, Watase Maki’s voicer and creator of UTAU-Dreams, wrote a song and allowed me to make Aiko sing it, so Aiko finally has an original ;u; Thank you so much, Cien!

Here’s to many more years of UTAU to come! 8’D