Moving soon!

I’m happy to announce that Project UTAU XYZ has a new associate webmaster: Pachi!

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but Pachi was a former member of XYZ back from 2009/2010. Her UTAU was meant to be model 1Y, in-between Mathieu and Chiyoko in the list. She’s come back to the fandom and is helping me to set up a brand new website!

We are still in the process of setting up all the miscellaneous pages and styling the layout, and once that’s done we’ll be porting the blog posts from this Blogger over to the new site (which will be powered by WordPress). I’ll be sure to give a warning beforehand as once this is done, the domain name port might cause a few hiccups in site access for people wanting to download anything.

I’m really excited about the new website, I hope you all look forward to it as well..!

Special Notice – Commercial Usage of Kikyuune UTAUs

A while ago I updated my Terms of Use to express the difference between what I deem to be acceptable “Doujin” use vs non-acceptable “Commercial” use of my UTAUs.

I actually did this after I saw a series of confused tweets by a Chinese UTAU user who wished to make phone charms of Aiko for an UTAU-centric doujin fan-event in Japan. They are a user I admire, and I was very happy to give them permission to use Aiko’s image, and at that point I decided to try to make the clarification between the two on my Terms of Use to prevent future confusion and to allow a bit more freedom for those familiar with doujin works to use my characters/voicebanks (even if I can’t write my terms in multiple languages yet, unfortunately).

I currently do not allow commercial (such as pay-per-download music) use of my UTAUs without explicit permission, though to be honest, I never thought that people had the interest in using the Kikyuunes for such until this past month. Over the course of June, I’ve had 2 instances of people requesting commercial use permission, and ONE instance of commercial use (on a Bandcamp album) without initial granted permission.

I’ve now come to realize that more people than I initially expected may be inclined to use my UTAU commercially other than just friends and colleagues I’ve collaborated with already. In this case, I will be soon drafting a commercial-use license for those interested in using my Kikyuune voicebanks/characters.

I am not yet certain what this license will cost though I doubt it will be over $12. There will first be a digital option for purchase, followed by a physical boxed copy of Aiko that will come packaged with the license, much like the UTAU Namida’s boxed version.

Terms of Use Updates

Hey all, I’m back for a bit. Still working on a few last-minute issues with Aiko’s CVVC.

I just wanted to post a notice that I’ve updated my terms of use to include a distinction between “doujin use” and “commercial use”!

If you’re still unsure about using my voicebanks/characters, feel free to message me at k.forgy @ icloud . com!

New URL and v_flower!

This site can now be reached at! That’s right, .xyz is a brand new domain extension, and well, I really couldn’t say no to snagging There will be a new Project UTAU XYZ website coming soon, so look forward to it!

Also, I’m pleased to say that I now have v_flower! I’ve finished my first cover with her! She’s a fantastic Vocaloid and certainly my favorite of the V3 series, and I plan to use her a LOT more in the future.

UST Updates!

Hey all! I updated the readme files in all my USTs, removed all karaokes, and moved everything from 4shared to Box!

I’ve been meaning to organize for a while, but since I got a strike on my 4shared account today for the mp3 of one of my “Melt” covers, I figured now was as good a time as any.

I also changed the karaoke links, seeing as Nicosound is defunct. Some links still lead to Nicovideo, but there are Nico rippers you can download that will make your life easier. All Piapro links, as usual, require a Piapro account. But Piapro is the safest, most reliable way of obtaining Vocaloid karaokes, direct from producers!

I’ll be posting a few videos this week, so please look forward to a few new USTs and such!


So I’ve taken the passwords off the Matryoshka and Mozaik Role USTs, mainly because with YouTube’s new message system, I can never tell if I have unread messages in my inbox. It’s become too difficult to keep track of.

My terms of use still apply to any and all of my USTs. If I see people abusing them, I will henceforth stop releasing USTs publicly and not bother with passwords at all.

So far I haven’t noticed this happening as much as it used to… so here’s hoping I won’t have to resort to that!

Apologies for the hiatus, and some updates

I haven’t been as active as I usually am due to Capstone (senior project) work that’s been holding me back.

However, I will have my capstone show this Friday, and I’ll immediately jump back into working on Aiko’s voicebanks and uploading some videos for covers I’ve posted to soundcloud.

As for my English voicebank, since many people have asked about that, it’s around 70% done (at least for the single pitch I have recorded so far) but I can’t release it until Cz gives me the go-ahead. She’s finishing up her lists and tutorials, so once those are up, I’ll release Aiko’s monopitch English!

Blog updates: I went ahead and added a DISQUS comments section since I figured it’d be convenient for people who don’t use blogger, and since I plan to migrate to WordPress pretty soon.

One last thing, I’m a bit late in posting this here, but Mooncrafter and I did our yearly birthday video on the 12th:

That’s all for now! Wish me luck with Capstone ;v;/