I got Sasayaki-san’s voicebank yesterday, and after several hours of converting, FRQing and OTOing, she can sing!

You can buy her voicebank here at Macne.net. Be warned: she has 3 sets of sounds in 3 different pitches, so she’s triple the work to convert for PC UTAU. But surprisingly, Act2/Macne.net have already set her up with a useable UTAU-Synth voicebank! She comes with frq files and an oto.ini that works just fine for Mac UTAU.

Her consonants can be a bit long and harsh at times, but you can compensate for that by tweaking envelopes and using consonant velocity. She’s not too hard to use overall and she mixes wonderfully.

She has a set of whisper samples in a folder labeled “omake.” You can hear these used at the end of the song: “ARPK.” These whisper samples SHOULD NOT be used in UTAU itself (since UTAU butchers white noise), but can be dropped into the mix and edited manually like a typical Garageband Macloid bank for a very realistic effect!

She’s on discount currently for $12 USD, so if you like her, be sure to grab her soon!