I hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday today!

I am pleased to present a collaboration project I did with Tama and Cz, an acapella cover of the Pentatonix mashup “Winter Wonderland / Don’t Worry Be Happy”

I approached Tama not too long ago about possibly doing an acapella cover of a Pentatonix song. They’ve done acapella arrangements before and I love how they use beatboxing UTAU.

I created the MIDI and tuned Aiko and Lacan’s vocals, Tama tuned Tamaki’s and Sen’s then mixed and drew the illustration, and finally I edited the video. We also included Cz in the project, who tuned vocals for Onen’s and Czloid’s new VCCV English.

The original video by Pentatonix (feat. Tori Kelly) can be found here.

It was really fun collaborating! (And I’m also happy that I got to practice Japanese, though I do not think I did too well in translating my messages…(;´Д`))

We hope you enjoy! The YouTube upload is on my channel, and the Nico one is Tama’s!