It’s been a while! I have several things to catch up on, so I’ll get the quick stuff out of the way first.

I updated all voicebank download links on Aiko’s wiki, and I’m in the process of switching her Facebook page over to a general Studio VOXYZ fanpage! While the URL change was easy enough though, Facebook is being stubborn in allowing me to change the page name. So there’s a chance it might stay in Aiko’s name. However, I’m going to start using it to post a lot more stuff Studio VOXYZ related!

And now for the videos I’d neglected to post! Aiko’s birthday was on the 10th of this month, and as a send-off to her English CVVC (as I’ll be focusing on recording VCCV), I posted a remake of an older cover: “Fireflies” by Owl City!

(Yes. Mostly for the memes.)

If you’re curious, you can hear the old cover here.

Also, I’m proud to announce my third original song! I produced “Siren’s Lament” for the MIRIAM 13th Anniversary collaboration “The Lady and the Silver Circle”, a 7-song compilation album which you can download for free here!

I tried to go for a sea-shanty feel in my song, which tells the story of a mermaid/siren (MIRIAM) who falls in love with a human (LOLA). And though he doesn’t sing, I intended for LEON to be the sailor mentioned in the lyrics! Perhaps someday I’ll make a full PV with all 3 of them…

I have some awesome news that I’m a bit late in sharing: I have Yuzuki Yukari! She’s my first Vocaloid3, and I got the full editor with her. I made a cover of AgoanikiP’s “Lucid Dream Paradise” to test her out:
Secondly, I finished my first UST in a while, and it’s also my first Aiko and Mathieu duet since the semester before last D: I need to make them sing together more! Anyway, as usual, you can find the UST on the USTs page, linked to at the top of the blog c:

As you can see, I gave Aiko’s blog a bit of a design overhaul. I wasn’t too satisfied with the earlier theme… I guess I just work better with slick, clean high-contrast layouts. I definitely prefer them anyway!

Awesome banner art by qrullgx13 on deviantART!

Also, first Mathieu song in a while!

I missed a few things that I’ve been meaning to post! Granted, I just moved back into a dorm this week for summer classes, so things have been hectic. Here’s some updates from the world of UTAUxyz c:

Chiyoko got into a cool UTAU chorus, first use of her in a long time:

I rendered my first song in Mac UTAU and did a quick review:

I made a 10 minute loop of the Gaia Towns music with UTAU…..?

And Aiko and Mathieu (and I still haven’t seen who all else from XYZ) got into the lyrics for a FRACKING HUGE “UTAU ieru kana” type of song XD