Trying to get back into the habit of posting covers I find including Aiko and/or Akio! ;n;

Thanks so much to Myokuju for using her in a duet with Blueloid!

Also, I have for a while been considering removing Aiko’s age from her “official” profile. Her voice is certainly not the typical voice of a 15-year-old, no matter how “tomboyish” Aiko might be. I’m now considering leaving her age completely to fan interpretation. If you consider her 15, you can continue to consider her to be 15 (I think I might xD) but it won’t in any way be “official.”


The terms on Aiko’s bank, limiting her use in pornographic art and/or songs with explicit lyrics are still applicable. However, once I “complete” her RockLoud, PopMellow and BalladSoft voicebanks (I use that term lightly, as I’ll still develop her afterwards) she will cease to have these limitations and will be released to the public moreso as a freeware instrument (as UTAU was originally intented) than a character.

However I won’t stop making art or other character-related things! She’s still a character to me, I’d just not wish to hinder her use in music as much as she has been, and I think the age thing has held her back in that a little. I continually find people requesting my permission to use her for songs that I don’t think are inappropriate in any way and I have a feeling that’s simply because of her lengthy Terms of Use.