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Aiko’s first VCV demo, “Dance! VR Dance!” has been posted to YouTube and NND, and it also features a new LipSync model drawn by chorvaqueen! This is specifically RockLoud (as usual) and contains the same 4 pitches as her CVVC (G3, C4, F4 and A4). The A4 pitch is still missing some sounds, but I am planning to do a private beta test once her oto is complete so I can know what to rerecord when quarantine ends.

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In addition, pianomanjojo on YouTube has created an edited TDA model for Aiko! It has excellent physics and 2 different eye types.

Both models can be downloaded from Aiko’s profile!

A little while ago, I commissioned Catlione/Ren for one of her adorable chibi LipSync models. I haven’t used LipSync in a while, so there are a few glitches/mistakes in the demo video. But I plan to keep using the software and get used to it! Also, you can download Aiko’s LipSync (and any of Catlione’s other publicly distributed LipSync models) on the sidebar, and I’ve added my TypeWriter UST to the USTs page.

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