I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to share this with everyone!

Since May, I’ve been working with a team of UTAU producers from all over the world to produce an album for the Minna no UTAU doujin event in Japan. Aiko was used in the first song on the album, an original song by Kenji-B/nostraightanswer, and I arranged AsterSelene’s “Crystal Heart” for the covers CD (you can hear it at 6:30 on the video)

And so, I am proud to present our crossfade:


You can download the karaoke on the video c:

If you do a cover, please post it as a video response and/or let us know!

Also, I forgot to post this earlier, but Aiko’s SOFT bank and Ariella were both used in an AkiGlancy/EmpathP original! It’s very tropical and summer-y sounding 😀

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