Homurane Ray, one of my favorite Japanese UTAU, had her 3rd anniversary on the 8th and there’s a “Ray Anniversary Festival” running on Nico, Pixiv and Twitter until the 23rd. Of course I had to chip in and do a cover. I never downloaded the MEIKO Power trial back when it first came out, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make Ray and MEIKO duet, since Ray’s voicer (Amaebi) really loves MEIKO.

Keep on being awesome, Ray/Amaebi!

So it’s crunch time at school, meaning it’s very likely I won’t be posting many (if any) videos until winter break. I wanted to post another song I covered a while back with BalladSoft, so here’s “Self-Harm Achromatic” by Nekobolo:

Also, a while back (I apparently forgot to post about it here) I covered an arrangement of Outer Science with Homurane Ray’s VCV! I hope to be able to someday cover the original song, if Jin ever posts a karaoke.