I haven’t featured a cover video using Aiko in a while, but I came across this cover (on Soundcloud a while ago, actually) and I’m just so impressed by the whole thing I wanted to share it!

This is a cover of kz/livetune’s famous “Tell Your World” in 6 different languages: Cantonese, English, Spanish, Esperanto, Japanese and German! Aiko sings the English section.

Please check it out! Yume did a fantastic job!!

Apparently, Mega.co.nz wasn’t the best choice for my voicebank host due to it being in heavy development and not quite compatible for every OS or browser yet.

I will not have reliable internet for a few days, so until then, I’ve asked some friends to reupload the voicebanks and I’ll post the alternate links whenever I can.

And here’s another English cover I’ve had saved for a while! Thanks so much to Shiva for the art~

Happy (belated) 5th birthday to Aiko, and happy (early) 5th anniversary to Project UTAU XYZ!

 I still have a few things in store for the rest of the week but I figured I might as well get all this done. Aiko’s CVVC English is officially released!

Also, CrusherP/Cien and I collaborated on another song and PV! It’s my first PV but I plan to make many more in the future as I get used to After Effects. Many thanks to CircusP for his amazing mastering job!