A few days ago for Mother’s Day this year, I posted a little surprise for my mom: the first public demo of her CVVC Japanese voicebank, singing a duet with Aiko!

Some people have commented asking if I have plans for Akihiko (my dad’s UTAU) for Father’s Day, and I guess that depends on if he’s willing/able to rerecord… so I guess we’ll see?

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It’s time for the Studio VOXYZ annual birthday collaboration!

This year, Mooncrafter and I decided to revisit an old cover from 2010: StargazeR by KotsubanP. It was the first collaboration we ever did and it was so much fun to see the improvement over the course of 7 years (even if real life got in the way of the video being as polished as it could be).

Not to mention it was nostalgic enough to work with an old YuraHonyaP UST… it even still had Mode1 settings!