So every now and then I google Aiko to see if she’s being discussed or used anywhere other than dA, the UTAforum, or Youtube.

I’ve found her on a couple of blogs and forums (even Thai and Russian ones), and once, even found a Spanish Yahoo Answers question asking where to download her ;n; It’s pretty fun to see where she pops up.

But until today I’d never bothered searching on Google Images, and when I did, I was rewarded with this 8D

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Apparently Sketchfu is a sort of oekaki site that keeps all drawings as animations 😀 And I happened to find this one user who had drawn Aiko! ;n; It was a very nice surprise and I wish I’d seen it earlier. Thank you, samantha020100! <3

Also, I managed to get Camila Melodia’s model (made by Yesi herself!) to play with in MMD xD

Her skirt and sleeve still need physics and there’s a problem with part of her dress stretching with her right shoulder, so if anyone out there wants to help out, just drop Yesi a message at Yesi-chan on dA or gaticaeitan on Youtube 😀