I neeeeeed to pay more attention to this site! Exams came up, but now it’s the summer, so here’s to reviving the site (and hopefully getting utauxyz.net set up!)

Fuusenne Aiko

April Fools~! This was my prank for this year xD

Fuusenne was created from running Aiko’s V.4.1 voicebank through Garageband with the “Helium Voice” effect applied. She’s rather chipmunky, and her design (by Chulaentertainment) can be seen here:

And you can download her bank here!

There’s a bit of a story behind her name: originally, when Aiko (Kikyuune) was first created, I used the “Melt” UST to demo her voice and I was surprised at how high-pitched she sounded. I figured that was the effect of UTAU itself (didn’t know about flags at the time) so I named Aiko “balloon-sound” and attributed helium balloons to her as her character item. Unfortunately… I’d used the wrong word. “Kikyuu” in fact means hot-air balloon, whereas “fuusen” means helium balloon.

New Covers

Coming Soon

Aiko’s Third Anniversary will be July 10th! I’m planning a few things for it, so even though I might not be able to finish the voicebanks I’ve wanted, there will still be some new things for you guys to use =u=

Also, my momloid, Akiko, is nearly complete! She’s just lacking official art~ I’m planning to release her on my mom’s birthday, June 26th. Look forward to it 😀

And finally….


I’ve decided to release my “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” UST! You can find it on the UST download page, as usual. It does not have a password, though I will not link to a karaoke or provide one since it is not normally available publicly.