Sekushi Beikon Compilation!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve participated in my second compilation project: “Part of a Complete Breakfast”!

Or if you’re wondering why “Bacon Point” happened, this is why =v=

This album was organized by AkiGlancy/EmpathP and all songs feature the joke UTAU “Sekushi Beikon” as main singer. You can download it for free from Aki’s Bandcamp. Physical copies will only be available (for free!) from her at conventions she attends this year.

Remixes and Releases!

Seems I’ve neglected to post in a while again. I have 4 videos to share this time: 2 remixes, an UTAU demo and an UTAU voicebank release!

First up is a remix I did for CircusP’s new EP “Five” of his song “Amai Kotoba” (which happens to be one of my favorites by him)

I had a ton of fun with this remix. I’ve wanted to make a few chiptunes-y/fakebit things, and this was a good opportunity to practice.

You can purchase “Five” from CircusP’s bandcamp here!

Next up is an UTAU voicebank I’ve recorded from a friend. I got 3 recording volunteers from the UTK cosplay club, and so far he’s the only one to finish a voicebank! We plan to add VC for full CVVC and English supplements in the style of Hibanane Chiyoko. I’m REALLY pleased with how he came out and I think he’ll be a good, solid addition to the UTAU XYZ series.

I also made a parody version of “Breaking Point” for a compilation album themed around the delicious joke UTAU, Sekushi Beikon. The album is still being finalized, but I was able to post my song for a “late” April Fool’s day upload! The spoken samples are all from Epic Meal Time.

Last but certainly not least, I got to help out with Yue Nagareboshi’s release by making both art and a video! Nagareboshi Yue is an UTAU owned by Mario.MD (also goes by Yue) who was first released back in 2010. This release contains a monopitch CVVC voicebank based on Namine Ritsu EVE.

Happy Holidays from new Vocaloid/UTAU music collective: ASDR!

I am happy to announce the formation of a Vocaloid/UTAU doujin group: ASDR (AssembleSynthesizeDirectRelay)!

Our debut album is a holiday compilation, available for free or by donation on Bandcamp, with all proceeds going to!
I did some artwork for nostraightanswer (Kenji-B)’s song “Wintertime Passing” feat. English Gumi!

Also, Here’s my latest cover using Aiko’s English bank, “All Men Are Pigs” by Studio Killers. Cz is preparing her reclist and tutorials so it still might be a while until I can release this bank, sorry…! But I still hope you enjoy the cover!

First Overseas UTAU Compilation Album: United Together Around UTAU!

I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to share this with everyone!

Since May, I’ve been working with a team of UTAU producers from all over the world to produce an album for the Minna no UTAU doujin event in Japan. Aiko was used in the first song on the album, an original song by Kenji-B/nostraightanswer, and I arranged AsterSelene’s “Crystal Heart” for the covers CD (you can hear it at 6:30 on the video)

And so, I am proud to present our crossfade: