STRATOSPHERE – Empathy Studios


A compilation album featuring the entire Kikyuune Family!

Album is name-your-price with no minimum amount on Bandcamp. If you set price as “0” it is available free, but any amount paid goes to support EmpathP and VOCAMERICA.



  1. Crusher-P feat. Aiko Kikyuune – Biohazard
  2. MystSaphyr feat. Aiko Kikyuune and Namida – Face2Face
  3. Yoru-P feat. Aiko + Akio + Akiko + Akihiko Kikyuune + Fuusenne – 天を砕く者たち~Sky Breakers~
  4. DystoP feat. Aiko Kikyuune – Verticale
  5. PlusMinus feat. Aiko Kikyuune – en code
  6. EmpathP feat. Aiko + Akio + Akiko + Akihiko Kikyuune + Fuusenne – end-O
  7. gra feat. Aiko Kikyuune – Comfort
  8. Asparagusunited feat. Aiko Kikyuune – When the Bombs Drop
  9. Yami no Tasogare-P feat. Aiko Kikyuune – Candy★Bear
  10. Doopah feat. Akio Kikyuune – Desiderio
  11. Crusher-P feat. Aiko Kikyuune – Breaking Point (2015 CVVC Ver.)
  12. Bonus: VocaPeach feat. Aiko Kikyuune – Biohazard (Peachfuzz Twisted Mixx)

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