Decagon – Myriad


An “UTAU Sisters” mini-album produced by the circle Myriad as a tribute for the UTAU software’s 10th anniversary in 2018!

Featured Studio VOXYZ collaborators:

  • MystSaphyr (Track 3 – Retrospectre)
  • Crusher-P (Track 4 – Kuyashii)



  1. DoNotCrossP feat. Momone Momo & Defoko – Meteor Sighting
  2. Xue feat. Momone Momo – Edge of the Universe
  3. MystSaphyr feat. Defoko – Retrospectre
  4. Crusher-P feat. Kasane Teto – Kuyashii
  5. Lystrialle feat. Kasane Teto, Momone Momo & Defoko – Welcome to the Tricolor World

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