Concientia – CrusherP


CrusherP’s debut album, featuring 12 tracks of VOCALOID & UTAU songs!


Featured Studio VOXYZ Voicebanks:

  • Kikyuune Aiko



  1. Again feat. Gumi
  2. The Forest feat. Hatsune Miku
  3. Biohazard feat. Kikyuune Aiko
  4. Bunny Alliance feat. Gumi
  5. Calalini feat. Kaai Yuki
  6. ECHO feat. Gumi
  7. Ephemeral feat. Gumi
  8. Obey feat. Gumi
  9. Rinse, Repeat feat. Cyber Songman
  10. Thunderstorm feat. Megurine Luka
  11. Used To Be feat. Cyber Songman & Cyber Diva
  12. Would You Rather feat. Cyber Songman

Bonus Disc (Limited Edition)

  1. ECHO (UtsuP Remix)
  2. ECHO (Teniwoha Remix)

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