New cover: “Rinse, Repeat” feat. Big Al (+ convention update!)

Hey all! This is the first VOCALOID cover I’ve posted to YouTube in a long, long while! It’s Big Al singing CrusherP’s “Rinse, Repeat”. I’m so happy to finally post another thing with my favorite singing synth husband 💖

In other news, I’m happy to announce that I’ll have my UTAU panel at this year’s ETSU-con! The convention is February 17-18 on the East Tennessee State University campus. I’ll be posting the specific time and day of my panel once I have that information!

New original: “Silver Lining” feat. Sonata

Happy new year, everyone! I’m happy to present my track for the “Minutes to Memories” album by Project Sonata! This became a bit of a personal song as I was writing it, but I think the lyrics can apply to many people and I hope it serves at least as a little bit of inspiration for tackling the new year. Here’s to a happier 2018!

The songs on the album were all inspired by randomly generated hex color codes. The code that my artist partner (KUREiiRO) and I received was #eeeeee!

You can download the off vocals and USTs here.

New cover: “StargazeR” feat. Aiko & Ariella

It’s time for the Studio VOXYZ annual birthday collaboration!

This year, Mooncrafter and I decided to revisit an old cover from 2010: StargazeR by KotsubanP. It was the first collaboration we ever did and it was so much fun to see the improvement over the course of 7 years (even if real life got in the way of the video being as polished as it could be).

Not to mention it was nostalgic enough to work with an old YuraHonyaP UST… it even still had Mode1 settings!