Cover UST / VSQX / etc.


PLEASE NOTE: Read below before downloading, and check the README files in the USTs you download. The README includes usage details for USTs that may have unique configurations or extra samples.

Terms of Use

  • Credit the original producer. Producers are listed in READMEs.
  • Credit MystSaphyr for the UST.
  • If README contains other credits (editors, lyricists, etc.) please add them as well.
  • Do not redistribute these files or claim them as your own.
  • Ask before redistributing ANY altered files (i.e. lyrics fixes, phoneme edits, retuning, or file conversions)

If you wish, you can send Myst fixed files to add to the zip folder with credit given to you in the README.


The below USTs are for covers of songs by artists outside of Studio VOXYZ.
The files are intended for non-commercial use. We claim no ownership of the original compositions.

USTs for songs in languages other than English were made by English-only speakers.
Therefore, they may contain lyrical mistakes.