NOTE: These FAQ answers are currently all written by Myst!

How do I use UTAU? How do you make an UTAU? Help, I’m having problems…

Please see Guides to view our collection of tutorials and recording materials!

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact Myst via email (myst at studiovoxyz dot com) or via Twitter DMs!

May I sell products or music made using your UTAU?

Please see our terms of use for details on this! We allow anyone to use our voicebanks for free for noncommercial and doujin use, but for commercial works I do sell a license for the entire Kikyuune Family at pay-what-you-want with a $5 minimum.

As for all other VOXYZ UTAU, permission is required from the voicer to sell works commercially that are made using their voicebank and/or character. Also you may NEVER use art included in any VOXYZ voicebanks—or any other art created by our team—for commercial purposes.

When will so-and-so voicebank be finished or released?

Do not trust me if I ever say I’ll have a voicebank by a certain date. I’m a terrible perfectionist and my recording time is quite limited nowadays. Otoing + artwork is another story…

What did you use to record?

Aiko VCVOREMOBlue YetiWhisper Room
Aiko CVVCOREMOBlue YetiCloset home “studio”
Aiko CV-VVAudacityBlue YetiCloset home “studio”
Aiko CV V.4AudacityATR2500Soundproofed room
Aiko Acts 1-3Garageband2008 MacBook micBedroom & dorm
Chiyoko DRAGONOREMOBlue YetiCloset
Chiyoko PHOENIXAudacityWebcam micBedroom
AkihikoAudacityBlue YetiTrailer
Akiko CV & CVVCAudacityBlue YetiBedroom
Hanga CYEAudacityBlue YetiOffice
(+ isolation booth)
Steinburg UR12
Home studio

Do you use UTAU on Mac?

Only on occasion! I used UTAU-Synth on Mac almost exclusively for 4 years because I didn’t have room on my newer MacBook for Windows Bootcamp. However, I now have a separate PC laptop that I use for all my voice synths!

Fun fact, I actually started the hobby using PC UTAU through a virtual machine setup back in the day.

Can my UTAU be paired with Aiko / be Aiko’s friend?

If you want your UTAU to sing with Aiko or want to ship her, go ahead! I think headcanon UTAU stuff is super cute and it’s really kind of an honor that people like her enough to do that sort of thing.

However, please don’t claim it as “official / canon” or go messing with Aiko’s Wiki pages!

Aiko looks like Rin with blue hair.

I used to get this a lot, and after some wiki vandalism, I decided to address the issue in detail!

It may be hard to believe, but I honestly didn’t base Aiko’s design off of Rin! She WAS Crypton-themed however, and her original design borrowed heavily from Hatsune Miku. I was inspired at the time to make a Crypton-like fanloid after I saw another one named Fuyu Hiiragi.

I happen to like hairpins, so I added those into her first design. They were just kinda slapped directly onto her hair and looked a bit like rectangular buttons. When I went to try to make her hair a bit less chunky, it became more and more Rin-like as time went on. Oops.

I’ve recently done a redesign of her hairstyle to hopefully move past this, but this is the last iteration I have planned regarding the matter.


How long have you been using UTAU?

I learned about UTAU through Zuii Takoe/SRS in late May/early June of 2009, but only started working on Aiko around June. She was first posted on July 10th 2009 on my old YouTube channel. A week later on the 17th, I moved UTAU operations to my newer channel Project UTAU XYZ and I’ve been at it ever since!

Aiko sounds like a boy. / Is Aiko a guy? / Is Myst a guy?

Aiko and I are both girls! I’m an alto, which is the lowest feminine voice range, and I tend to record her at what I consider a comfortable pitch.

While I don’t mind nowadays if people headcanon Aiko as any gender (I’ve seen someone consider Aiko to be nonbinary at least once and that was neat) I’ll still be keeping the “canonical” gender female.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you feel Aiko sounds or looks excessively masculine, do NOT refer to Aiko as a “tr*p”.

How did Aiko get well known?

I’ve been bopping around the vocalsynth community for over a decade now, so I think that’s one of the biggest contributing factors. I made Aiko when there were literally around 30 non-Japanese UTAU total so I had visibility that’s admittedly really difficult get nowadays. I can also give a majority of credit to Cien/Crusher for making a couple of excellent original songs with her!

All I can say is that I’m really happy people seem to like Aiko and I’ll keep working hard on her, and my other UTAU, so they’re all something I can really be proud of!

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