The Soldier

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The call went out in the early morn
For each able man to take up his sword
And to gather on the western shore
To prepare for the battle ahead

So I bid farewell to the one that I loved
And I headed west towards the setting sun
With a heavy heart I walked alone
Down the path that I feared to tread

Our story’s just begun
But every tale must end
So please remember me
If I never see you again

A stranger stood at the village gate
She said, “Excuse me, sir, but it’s getting late
And I fear that I might lose my way
May I walk iwth you by my side?”

“Good sir, kind sir, I muust pay my due
Though I’ve not much else than my gratiude
Only food an drink I can offer to you
Please come in and stay awhile”

My time will come to pass
Although I don’t know when
Please, love, remember me
If I never see you again

It was dark once we arrive at the door
Of a cabin I’d not seen before
She listened as I spoke of the war
And how I’d worried I’d not return

I was unaware of the passing time
Once I’d had my fill of bread and win
As I fell asleep by the firelight
Her quiet singing I barely heard

But to my surprise upon waking I found
that the village walls were all crumbling down
It was silent with noboy around
Until the stranger reappeared

And she said, “Kind sir, I gave you my help
And for many years you slept under my spell
Now the war is over and all is well
There is nothing for you to fear”

“Good sir, my friend, who came to my aid,
With this gift, your kindness has been repaid
So please tell me, then, why do you seem afraid
And what is it that makes you cry?”

My coward’s heart, she had seen right through
I’d escape my death, yes, that much wias true
But as I walked the empty streets, I knew
I’d lost the one I left behind

Our time has come at last
And though this is the end
I’ll still remember you
But I’ll never see you again


  • Music Lyrics, Video: MystSaphyr
  • KAITO Tuning: Lystrialle
  • Lapis Render: Aelita1234
  • Illustration: Oxymoroff
  • Singers: KAITO (ft. Aoki Lapis)



This song debuted on ABCDEnding, a free KAITO birthday tribute album.