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Below is a good list of tutorials and information on all aspects of UTAU!

Glossary of UTAU Terms


Caustic’s (wip) Microphone Guide

Tips for Recording HQ Audio

Recording Environment Guide

Cheap DIY Soundbooth Tutorial

UT(ntr)S Episode 2: Recording

Interface & USTs/Tuning

Cdra’s Big Comprehensive Guide to UTAU (PC)

Myst’s UTAU-Synth Tutorial

Myst’s CVVC English “Aikolist” Usage Guide

Converting a VCV UST to CV

Yuunarii’s Fitting a VB to a UST Tutorial

Lyric Diphonizer Download (plugin for converting CV USTs to VCV


Cz’s CV Japanese Oto Guide

• Cdra’s Oto Theory Guide (Best for VCV!)

Delta’s CVVC Japanese Oto Tutorial

Cz’s English VCCV Tutorials & Reclists


Cdra’s Design Do’s and Dont’s

UT(ntr)S Epsiode 1: UTAU Design


(See Mixing Tutorials list)