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Here’s my personal collection of my own and my favorite reclists!
All my own Japanese reclists are always romaji-encoded for ease of use with people new to Japanese.
They also include separate “dzu” and “dzi” for pronunciation accuracy, as well as many extra phonemes and glides.
I will be creating otoing and aliasing tutorials later for my own personal techniques, but most current oto tutorials will fit my reclists. – Myst


XYZ Basic CV – A complete and basic CV reclist.
XYZ Full CV-VV – A step up from basic CV, includes vowel blends.

XYZ Lite Strung CVVC – Includes ending consonants & breaths. Used for Fuusenne V.2

Basic 7-moora VCV – A complete VCV hiragana reclist. Contains no extras, just the base sounds.
LOKE-style 5-moora VCV – A complete VCV hiragana reclist but in shorter recordings (5 syllables each vs 7).


Cz-style VCCV – The most popular and well-supported English reclist.
Arpasing by Kanru Hua – A quick-to-record English list. Use moresampler to generate a base oto.ini.

Other Languages

Tomas’ Spanish VCCV
Fyne-Q’s Polish VCCV
Syo’s Korean VCV+CV