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Below is a list of third-party tools for use in UTAU!


resampler – The default resampler.
moresampler – A resampler with powerful flags to control voice quality. Can also automatically generate otos.
fresamp11 – An older iteration of fresamp, considered a bit more stable. Has nasal quality without “F0” flag.
fresamp14 – A newer iteration of fresamp. Has nasal quality without “F0” flag.
TIPS – A resampler good for soft, breathy voices.
bkh01 – A resampler that tends to add a little bit of metallic buzz to sibilant consonants.
phavoco (Phase Vocoder)
world4utau (aka “w4u”) – A very picky resampler, only works on mono recordings.
EFB-GT – Good for solid voices.
tn_fnds – Another good resampler for soft, gentle voices.
utaugrowl – A resampler that has flags to add growl to the voice.


wavtool – The default UTAU wavtool.
wavtool2 – A slightly improved wavtool.
wavtool4vcv – A wavtool optimized for VCV and other strung-sound voicebanks.


Resampler Patcher – Makes most common resamplers render much faster.
Iroiro – An all-in-one plugin that converts between romaji and hiragana, among other things.
Lyric Diphonizer – A simple plugin that converts CV USTs to VCV.
autoVCCV 2.0 – Converts a UST from CV to CVVC by inserting the VC samples.
presamp – Plays a CV UST as CVVC. Can be customized with a “presamp.ini” & includes “wavtoolex”
utalis – A .wav-tracing automatic tuning plugin.

Additional Programs

Voicebank Aliaser – Automatically generates romaji or hiragana aliases for any style of Japanese voicebank.
vocalshifter – Allows for post-render .wav modification of pitch and other parameters.