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Below is a list of software you’ll need to get started working with UTAU (or Vocaloid)!

PLEASE NOTE FOR PC USERS! Before downloading UTAU, OREMO, setParam, or ANY Japanese voicebanks or software: click here for a tutorial to change your computer locale to Japanese.


Core UTAU Software:

PC UTAU (download 4.18e)
Mac UTAU-Synth  (be sure to click 30日試用ライセンス for your monthly key)
UTAU-Synth Edit Nib (removes monthly key & translates interface; highly recommended!)

For Recording:

OREMO (preferred tools for UTAU)

Digital Audio Workstations (For mixing, making MIDIs or music):

• Frinika

(* Reaper operates on an unlimited trial, but after 30 days it will prompt you to purchase a license.)

Useful For Configuring the oto.ini:

• setParam

For Extracting/Zipping Voicebanks & USTs:

7z for PC
Keka for Mac