Guides & Resources

Myst here! This is my personal collection of singthesizer and music resources that I’ve collected for the fandom.

Please note all the entries on the collective lists below are externally linked. Tutorials may be hosted on the UTAU Wiki, the UtaForum, YouTube, Nicovideo or other sites.

Pages in italics are under construction and not yet available publicly.



Basic Software Downloads — Trying to get started with UTAU? Check here first!

UTAU Reclist Collection — Reclists for many styles & languages, including Studio VOXYZ lists.

UTAU Plugins & Resamplers — Third-party tool for the intermediate to advanced UTAU user.

• Useful VSTs/AUs — Free digital audio workstation instruments and effects!

• Other Free Singthesizers — Want to move beyond UTAU or Vocaloid? Here’s some other cool synths!



UTAU Tutorials — A comprehensive list of tutorials on all aspects of UTAU; from recording to tuning.

• Vocaloid Tutorials — Tutorials for all iterations of Vocaloid, from V1 to V4.

Mixing Tutorials — Want to make your covers sound better?

• Music Theory Resources — If you want to be a producer, you have to learn to compose!