Cons & Panels

As part of Studio VOXYZ’s goal to help teach others about character-oriented voice synthesis, I have produced 2 informative panels about the singing synth fandom that I enjoy presenting at conventions across the country, primarily in the south and east coast.

Conventions I have attended in the past as panelist or guest include MTAC, MomoCon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Etsu-con, Castle Point Anime Convention, Anime Banzai and Neko-con. I have also gone to Katsucon, Anime Expo and Anime USA as a general attendee, but I typically attempt to organize an UTAU fan meet each time.

UTAU: Free Virtual Vocalists

“UTAU: Free Virtual Vocalists” is an informative panel about the UTAU software that I have given at several conventions so far. The panel consists of a brief history of the software, an intro to some of the most prominent characters, and a quick rundown of the process of creating one’s own voicebank. It also includes video examples of unique UTAU in various languages and voice types, and ends with a software demonstration.

VOCALOID Culture: Beyond the Voice

“VOCALOID Culture: Beyond the Voice” is a newer panel I debuted at Omni-con in March 2019. Rather than highlighting Miku or the various other characters or software, the focus is on the creative culture that has developed surrounding the idol-in-a-box concept.

The panel discusses the use of VOCALOID in doujin works in Japan, introduces Western producers that often slip under the general fandom radar, and explains how one can support artists within the community and even make the transition from consumer to producer themselves.