Studio VOXYZ was founded in 2009 as Project UTAU XYZ by MystSaphyr, the voicer of the UTAU Kikyuune Aiko. The Studio acts as a voicebank series, music label, and is basically an ongoing passion project to promote the usage of vocalsynths in creative works.

This site hosts downloads, media and information for VOXYZ voicebanks and related projects!

What are vocalsynths?

“Vocalsynth” is short for vocal synthesis: technology meant to replicate the human voice. This likely invokes thoughts of text-to-speech or personal assistants like Siri and Alexa. However, the vocalsynths we cover with Studio VOXYZ are a little different: they sing!

Vocalsynths used for music are usually either a VST (virtual software instrument plug-in) or a standalone program, with sequencing based on either MIDI or MusicXML format. Plug in some notes into the piano roll, type some lyrics, tweak some vibrato and pitchbends and you have an artificial singing voice! Newer vocalsynth engines even use AI technology to replicate the particular inflections their voice providers have when singing.

The most well known of these “singing synthesizers” is Hatsune Miku. Though the concept of singing synthesis itself has been around since the 60s, the idea of vocalsynths as characters directly traces back to Miku’s VOCALOID2 release in 2007. Miku’s developers—Crypton Future Media—decided to pair a blue-haired anime girl design with their latest software voicebank, and the rest is history. Since then, those who produce singing synths typically market them with a visual avatar.

Studio VOXYZ currently produces its own voicebank character line for the freeware vocalsynth engine UTAU, but we also produce and promote works that feature other engines: VOCALOID, CeVIO, Synthesizer V, DeepVocal and many, many more! (And we still like talking synths, too!)

The VOXYZ Team

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Founder of Studio VOXYZ and creator of Kikyuune Aiko! Artist, desktop musician, web designer and pre-debut ENVtuber!

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Artist, 3D Modeler, PJD Modder, Creator and voice provider of the UTAU Mimi-YA