It’s been a while! I’m happy to say that the overhaul of the Studio VOXYZ website is FINALLY complete, save for a few tweaks that may happen here or there.

Below is a list of the changes and QoL improvements:

  • faster loading times (removed clunky plugins, lazy-loading media, caching)
  • GDPR compliance (added that darn cookies notif and updated privacy policy)
  • updated sidebar (decluttered widgets)
  • revamped voicebank pages with tabbed content
  • all download links fixed!
  • brand spankin’ new banner!
  • general cleanup and organization

From here on out, most minor news will be posted via our Twitter, and you can see the latest tweet on the sidebar under Quick News. The @StudioVOXYZ account retweets content posted from my main that is related to vocalsynth media, as well as fanart and works using VOXYZ-series characters. Small updates (such as minor voicebank fixes, etc.) will be posted there instead of as longform blogging. The blog will be reserved for sharing new videos, major updates/releases, and end-of-month overview posts.

Also, most news will be crossposted over to the Community tab on my YouTube page, so be sure to turn on notifications if that’s your preferred news method!

More updates coming soon 👀 Look forward to it!

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