Starting with the fixing and public release of my “SILENCE” UST, I’m going to be working on fixing up all my other UTAU-Synth-era USTs (as well as some of my REEEEALLY old ones) to make sure they’re up to date with voicebank compatibility, lyrics, and anything else I might have messed up!

Next on the list is “All Men Are Pigs” which was a highly-requested English UST. I’ve also finished “Aurora” (by ryuryu) and “Uzume Kagura” (by twinkle/U-taP) which will be up once I finish artwork for them.

Other unreleased USTs in the project:

• BALLOON (by Tiara)
• Ofuton-in! (by OyakataP)
• Feel So Moon (from Space Brothers)
• Gegege no Kitaro (OP from the 60s anime)
• Sousei no Aquarion
• The Fox (by Ylvis)
• Outer Science (by Jin; Len Arrange ver.)
• Tsuntsun-Gokko (by EZFG)

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