Hey all! I had a blast at MTAC last weekend, despite the rough start to my UTAU tutorial. I was super nervous in trying some different things (the live recording demo, running my presentation off a newish-old netbook) so it was kind of a recipe for disaster. But I hope everyone who attended enjoyed Sekushi Beikon and Meikutsu (the leg UTAU) enough to get interested in possibly making their own singing monstrosities :’D

I’ve fixed up the UTAU tutorials list a bit, added mixing guides, and I’ll be fleshing out the rest of the resource pages over the next week or so!

Also, I’m pleased to announce that over the weekend, Project Sonata’s second album “Creation” was officially released! I’m currently working on the PV for my song “Wandering Star” which should be posted soon, but I’ve added the lyrics to the Media > Lyrics page already! If you’re interested in the album, it’s purchasable from Sonata’s bandcamp here. All proceeds go to benefit the National Association for Music Education!

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