By now, I’m sure most have seen that the VOCAMERICA concert has been fully funded and has even hit its first 2 stretch goals! Incredible!! With these upgrades, the concert merchandise has been expanded to include other items and performers, and Aki has gotten Avanna locked in for future concerts! Thank you all so much!

An item included in the merch upgrade is an Aiko keychain, including a backer-exclusive alternate color scheme Aki has dubbed Summer Sun! I can’t wait!!


In other important news, yesterday (7/10) was Aiko’s 7th birthday! I deeply apologize for not having something uploaded sooner, but a perfect storm of a sinus infection, bad weather, long work hours and Pokémon GO (oops) prevented me from preparing her new voicebanks in time. Worry not, however, Aiko’s 7th bday celebrations will last until the end of the month, culminating in a new voicebank reveal and/or release on the 31st!

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