July was obviously a big month for Aiko, her birthday was on July 10th and I released a new multipitch CVVC Japanese bank! Thank you to EVERYONE who’s used it so far, it really means a lot (since I know she’s experimental and finnicky, and CVVC JP hasn’t really caught on quite yet) So July features, here we gooooo~!

Song Features

Desiderio original by doopah
Doopah posted their contribution to the “STRATOSPHERE” album! “Desiderio” features Akio singing in CVVC English, something I haven’t even done myself yet oh no;;

Despite original by Wendy of DystoSleeves

Another original, using Aiko English, by Wendy as part of the new VocUTAU collab duo DystoSleeves (DystoP = Adlez27, Wendy = ArmSleevesP)!

Color of the Sea cover by Haru.jpg

Haru.jpg was very excited to use Aiko CVVC JP, and I was very excited to see this cover of the KanColle anime OP ;o; It uses both Aiko’s English and Japanese banks! Thank you so much!!

Summer Sleet
Akihatatsukisa-san made a really cute cover of a nakano4 song with Aiko for her 6th birthday! Thank you so much!!

Everybody Needs Somebody cover by Tama0003
Tama also used a combination of English and Japanese (I think forcing Japanese with Aiko’s English?) for this birthday cover. Thank you so much!!

Big Brother (Crusher Remix) cover by Zeruda Chan

This was the first use I found of Aiko’s CVVC after I posted it! I love CrusherP’s remix of this song! Thank you!!!

Close To You cover by Etsuko Akane
The second CVVC usage I found of Aiko for her birthday! Always up for a good niki song ;o; Thanks so much!

Anti-Beat cover by Zeruda Chan

This was Zeruda Chan’s actual birthday post, prior to my releasing the CVVC bank!


Never before have I seen a cover of a Vocaloid demo pop up so quickly, and you did an amazing job, Gum!! (I can call you that right? ahaha)

Criminal duet cover by AvariaJames

Avaria remade her old cover of “Criminal” with Aiko and Neko with their latest English banks, and it sounds amazing! I ned more Catballoon duets in my life ;o;

Tokyo Teddy Bear cover by Beth Trelease

People really like making Aiko sing Tokyo Teddy bear, ahaha, and I have no complaints ;v; it’s a really good song. Thank you!!

Freyja.sys duet cover by Espeona Wulf

Here’s a duet of one of my favorite Kaoling originals using Aiko and Cecile Etoile!

VOiCE chorus by Agatechlo

Agatechlo updated his chorus cover of VOiCE with Aiko’s new bank and posted it to YouTube!

Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain cover by Kaiamoso NunicornUnicorn

A surprisingly rare duet between Aiko and Akio! Thank you so much!!

My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley cover by InfodineHatter

Aiko’s featured in another 67 UTAU chorus medley!! (She comes in near the end with Hello, Planet)

Alternia cover by Adlez27
Aiko sings a cover of an original Homestuck fansong! Very cool!!

VOiCE (Aiko Solo) cover by Agatechlo
Remember the VOiCE chorus from last month? Agatechlo posted Aiko’s solo vocals!

Burenai ai de(Aiko Solo) cover by WhiteTeddy193

Aiko joins in the backing vocals on a “Burenai ai de” cover sung by Amanda Shizukanane!

Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! cover by Ruan

A duet between Aiko and Gangxing Song of my favorite JesusP/WanOpo song!

Game Over cover by fmccaddy12

A birthday cover by fmccaddy12, using both Aiko’s CV-VV JP and CVVC EN banks! They did such a good job I nearly thought it was her CVVC ahaha;;

Doing Something Legit With The UTAU original by Ironchamp MP

A really interesting multi-UTAU original piece by Ironchamp! Very cool!!

Sousei no Aquarion (WIP) cover by CodyTailor

I really hope he finishes this ;o; It’s a duet cover of Sousei no Aquarion with Aiko’s CVVC and CODY!

Die in a Fire (WIP) cover by imgonnaeaturwaffles

A never-to-be-finished but still really cool WIP English cover! ;o;

MMD Features

GLIDE by Distortyn
Another niki song, this time with dancing! Thank you Distoryn!!

Chocolate Disco MMD by Tuyen Nguyen
Very cute Perfume dance with Aiko, Miko and Kiichigo’s LAT models in edited costume!

Ifudodo cover by Aelita1234
Giant chorus + dance of my favorite Umetora song! Thank you so much for including Aiko!

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