I’m a few days late on posting this, even though I did the write up on the 1st. But here we go..!

Song Features

HIGH*5! cover by Haru.jpg
Here’s a cute chorus featuring 5 different UTAU from 5 countries, made by Haru.jpg! Aiko’s here to represent the USA!

MIA: Detachment Incident chorus by Last 三E’s

This one’s a special feature that doesn’t actually include Aiko, but it’s something I never would’ve expected to see: a chorus (in a chorus battle) of Kenji’s and Aiko’s “MIA: Detachment Incident” by nostraightanswer/Kenji-B! Very awesome!

Giant Woman cover by Purin

Aiko sings as Steven in yet another cute Steven Universe song cover! Thank you, Purin!

I (Ai) cover by fmccaddy2
Aaah I’m happy to hear Aiko sing an English cover of one of my favorite CircusP songs!

Foreshadow original by Blackbird
Aiko and Czloid duet in this original song from the album “Neural” by Blackbird (Samuel Wright). You can listen to the whole album here!

1,2 Fanclub cover by Aelita1234

A duet between Aiko and Amanda of one of my favorite GigaP remixes! Thanks so much!!

World is Mine cover by Kachi
Can’t go wrong with a classic Ryo song! Thanks, Kachi!

SILENCE cover by JurianChibo

Now here’s something interesting, Aiko joins Oliver to do backing/bridge vocals on a human cover!

Equinox: King of Hearts cover by fmccaddy12

People sure like using Aiko and Czloid together! They do backing vocals for this excellent cover of Equinox: King of Hearts.

Biohazard chorus mix by Len Kagamine

Here’s another chorus mix of Biohazard with 4 Vocaloids + Aiko’s original version!

Black Board chorus cover by Jepelix 001

Jepelix brings us an UTAU chorus of Black Board papiyon!

Black Board chorus cover by Jepelix 001

Jepelix brings us an UTAU chorus of Black Board papiyon!

La Llorona short cover by TSUTAUSERIES
Here we have a short/WIP English duet between Aiko and Neko!

VOiCE chorus cover by Agatechlo
Aaah I really like this one, it’s a chorus of several UTAU, Vocaloids and a Vocaloid genderbend (WILLIAM, from MIRIAM). Very cool!


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