It’s monthly feature time again for May! Hopefully there’ll be more actual blog updates coming soon, but for now, let’s see where Aiko and her family have been the past month…

Song Features

The Seventh Me (Polish Ver.) cover by PuffinPerMuffin
I would’ve never expected to see Aiko singing in Polish! Thanks so much for including her in this really interesting cover!

News 39 cover by Aelita1234
Aaah I instantly fell in love with this Mitchie M song as soon as it came out! Thanks so much for making Aiko sing it!

Capriccio Farce cover by Uta-D00d
Akiko shows up again, this time in a Capriccio Farce cover as Ma!

My Favorite Vocaloid Medley II cover by Riakaisan

Aiko leads off a group of 69 UTAU in one of those (in)famous giant Vocaloid medleys! Thank you!

Matryoshka cover by Distortyn

Teto and Aiko duet Matryoshka! Thanks so much for continuing to use Aiko, Distortyn!

Heartbreak Headlines cover by Distortyn
And another one by Distortyn, this time Aiko soloing Heartbreak Headlines, one of my favorite 40mP songs!

Biohazard (chorus mix) by Shion-Of-Red

Here’s a very well-done chorus mix of Biohazard featuring Aiko, Sonika, Kaito and Yohioloid!

Wish original by Ant Taffy
Here’s a really catchy original UTAU song featuring Aiko! Thanks so much for using her, Ant! I’m glad I got to discover your music through this!! (Please check out their other originals on SoundCloud, they’re all fantastic!)

Goodbye April Doppel WIP by JurianChibo
Even if it’s not going to be finished, thanks for using Aiko! Your English tuning is excellent and I hope you find a more suitable/softer voice to finish the song if you ever revisit it ;v;/

Part Of Me (short ver.) WIP by Tsundelicious
Really good English tuning here! I really hope this cover gets finished!

VOiCE cover by Agatechlo
Aiko duets with WILLIAM, a genderbend of MIRIAM! Thanks so much, Agatechlo!

LOVELESSxxx cover by fmccaddy12
Here’s a fun VanaN’Ice trio song with Aiko, Maki and Czloid!

A Female Ninja, But I Want To Love (English ver.) cover by hella k
Aiko’s sung this once before, but this time it’s an English cover! What excellent job tuning English for a song this fast!

MMD Features

MMD Test by prowlandsasuke

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