Time for the monthly features for April! Sorry I’m a good while late in posting this, but I’ve been quite busy with my job, among other things. But here we go…

Song Features

Dreaming Little Bird cover by akiharatsukisa
This one was an entry to the 2nd UTAU Works Festival! It’s a duet of Dreaming Little Bird with Aiko and Kenta. Thank you, Akiharatsukisa-san, and good luck in the fest!
Strong in the Real Way cover by Purin
Aaah yes another Steven Universe song! This one’s a duet with Aiko (as Steven) and Halt Tanner (as Opal) and it’s such a great song from a fantastic cartoon~

This user’s first UST release! I’m so happy to see more people branching out into using UTAU English (especially in covering CIRCRUSH songs YEEEEEAAAAHH) and you did a great job!!

Clarity cover by KaedeHiryuu
I really enjoyed this one! Thanks so much, Kaede! You did a good job in editing the UST~

Life is Like a Boat cover by Pukichan

This seems to be Pukichan’s first use of UTAU! I’m really honored you chose to use Aiko, and welcome to the fandom! ;v;/

Secret cover by Distortyn

Another first-time UTAU user! It takes guts to jump right into a language other than Japanese, and you did a good job! Thanks for using Aiko!!

Heartbeat Clocktower cover by Uta-D00d
A rare use of Akiko! Thanks, Uta-D00d! 

Kokoro cover by Uta-D00d

Uta-D00d was very active in using Kikyuunes this past month. Thank you so much, I’m really happy you like Aiko and Akiko ;v; (but please keep in mind what I said about crediting for artwork, it’s important!)

Judgment of Corruption cover by Uta-D00d

Yet another work by Uta-D00d! Thank you!

OBEY cover by Ren-kitty Renzo
Another CrusherP song cover! Thanks so much, Renzo!

Indulging Idol Syndrome cover by Jepelix
Here’s a duet with Teto and Aiko! Thanks so much, Jepelix!

World’s End Dancehall cover by Hikari-P

A duet between Aiko and Aino Erufu! Thanks, Hikari!

PlusBoy cover by Vaughn Young II
Aiko sings as one of the girl voices in a cover of PlusBoy/+♂!

cover by legolasorbraceface
A really cute cover of Q using Aiko! I love this song a lot~

Madness of Duchess(Duke) Venomania cover by Uta-D00d
One last track from Uta-D00d! Thanks again for using Aiko so much, I’m happy you like her ;o;

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