It’s time for another monthly feature roundup for March!

Aaaaaand: from now on, I’ll be including Soundcloud results! They apparently added a monthly search without me knowing with the latest design overhaul, go figure.

Song Features

OBEY cover by Choccoleit

Choccoleit is back with another awesome CrusherP cover and English UST release: “OBEY”! Thanks so much!!

Crystalline cover by MimsyCola

MimsyCola also has a CrusherP/CIRCRUSH English UST release this time around: Crystalline!

Crystalline (VIOLENT M4N6A REMIX) remix by Joshua Manga
In collaboration with MimsyCola, we also have an awesome heavy electro-rock remix of “Crystalline” by Joshua Manga!

Verticale original by DystoP/Adlez27

DystoP’s contribution to the STRATOSPHERE compilation album! They did such an amazing job, I ADORE their lyrics work~

Peony original by Zansatsu Ousatsu

Another original song for Aiko by Zansatsu Ousatsu, it’s pretty creepy sounding and I really love the spooky repeating part that starts around 1:55.

Idola Circus cover by Hikari Takahashi

Here’s a three-singer cover featuring Aiko, Camila and Mitzuki!

Bang Bang cover by annalrk
And another three-person cover with Aiko, Kumi and Mimi! Love this song so much~

ECHO chorus mix by Animedrawing_cute
Really interesting mix of a bunch of different Vocaloid/UTAU covers of ECHO into one video!

Alice in Musicland cover by SailorChiiMoon
What a whopper of a cover: Alice in Musicland by OSTER Project is such a long song to tackle, great work!! (Aiko plays MEIKO, as the Empress)

ECHO cover by VocaloidMaker
Another cover of ECHO using Aiko! Great work on the tuning!

Dancer in the Dark cover by fmccaddy12
I covered this with both Aiko and Chiyoko a while back, but here’s an Aiko-only version!

Youkai Taisou Daiichi cover by xwondera
Here’s a super-cute duet between Aiko and Mika Kaede!

en code original by Plus/Minus
Another track from STRATOSPHERE, here’s Plus/Minus’ original using Aiko’s beta CVVC Japanese!

Morning Glory original by Keygan Gwinn
Here’s a bit of a darker original song I found. I’m not certain if Keygan is a regular UTAU user based on their profile but if this was their first try using UTAU English, A+ work!

MMD Features

Toluthin Antennae by Tyler Valentine
An MMD video using Aiko’s SuminoChan model! I really love Ririri’s dance of this song in particular and I’m glad there’s motion for the choreography she used, so thank you!

Sollux Bi☣hazard by SJTK CG: Karkat
Aaaand it’s not an Aiko MMD thing necessarily, but here’s Sollux dancing to Biohazard! Unexpected, but kind of awesome.

Art Features

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