Sorry for the inactivity lately! I’ve been to 2 conventions, been stranded by snow, come down with bronchitis and all sorts of other things over the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten much done in the way of finishing and releasing Aiko’s CVVC… I deeply apologize for how long it’s taking. However, I’d like to announce that the Kikyuune Family album project is reaching its final wrap-up, and I’ll be posting more information about that this next week!

Without further ado, here are February’s features! As always, if I’ve missed anything, please let me know; this is all from YouTube, deviantART and Pixiv by searching the Kikyuune tag. (I currently don’t include SoundCloud because its search system is a bit questionable and I’ve missed a LOT before)

Thunderstorm cover by Choccoleit

First, a cover of one of CIRCRUSH’s Cyber Diva demos, using Aiko English! This was Choccoleit’s first released UST, and they did an amazing job both in the cover and video~ Awesome work!

We Are The Crystal Gems cover by Purin

Purin covered the Steven Universe theme song with Aiko, Iris, Yume and Nolia! Aiko sings Steven’s part and this cover is just so cute! (Also, Steven Universe is a great show and everyone should watch it aaaa)

Ievan Polkka cover by Team-Y
First Akihiko cover in a long while and it sounds fantastic! Thank you so much, Pretz123 and everyone in Team-Y! I’ll have to show this one to my dad.

A Female Ninja, But I Want To Love cover by ThatOneKid

ThatOneKid’s Valentines Day upload, using Akeme Nagisa and Aiko! Such cute art and a great cover~

テクノロジーに夢乗せて cover by Altarnative
Another UST file release using Aiko’s voicebank! Thanks so much, Altarnative! You did an awesome job on this UST!

Izayoi Seeing cover by technicolor werewolf
Oh man yes a Mikagura School Suite song, glad to see more people covering this series! Thank you, technicolor werewolf!

unravel (dJ-Jo dubstep remix) cover by Ryu Evans
Yessss I love Tokyo Ghoul and this remix so much! Thank you so much for making Aiko sing it~

Biohazard chorus mix by papara271
Very cool chorus-y mix of Tonio and Prima’s covers of Biohazard with Aiko’s original! Great work!

We R Who We R cover by PeppermintSynth
A very cute English UTAU chorus! Haven’t seen Victor Yonne in a while, I hope more people start using him again!

Romeo and Cinderella cover by Maiya-chan~
Another Valentines Day duet! Thanks so much, Maiya!

MMD Features

Melancholic by sena sukine
An MMD video using Kiichigo’s and Aiko’s edited “append” models! Very cute!

Biohazard Aiko model by Kurusou

Kurusou on deviantART made a model of Aiko inspired by Biohazard! You can download her here!

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