Admittedly, I’m VERY late on this, but in my defense a lot of things happened this month and seeing as I’m stuck in a hotel out of my home state due to snow, I might as well get this posted! These are all the videos and art I could find for the month of January that use Kikyuune voicebanks or characters, by searching the “kikyuune” tag on multiple sites.

Flickering Escape by DystoP (Adlez27)

First up is an original song! It’s a darker electronic-y tune by DystoP, one of the participating artists in a very exciting project that should finally be unveiled in the next month or so.

Step On Your Heart (English Ver.) cover by Haru.jpg

Haru.jpg used Aiko to cover one of Luo Tianyi’s first songs using English translyrics, and they made an amazing video to go with it!

Jinsei Reset Button cover by Gaijin Kashu

Gaijin Kashu’s been using Aiko quite a bit recently, I really want to thank them for that! Keep up the good work ;v;/

Senbonzakura cover by SapphireMidna
Aaaaa thank you for making Aiko sing Senbonzakura, it’s one of my favorite Miku songs! You did a great job with the effects in mixing~

Magia cover by mysticdestruct
I will admit the photo edit made me giggle a lot omg <3 Thanks for using Aiko!!

Ib – again – cover by Gaijin Kashu
Another cover by Gaijin Kashu! A+ song choice, Ib is still my favorite Japanese RPGmaker game!!

Only one art feature for this month… Haru posted the art they did for Step On Your Heart!

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