As an UTAU user and UST maker, may I please ask for just a little respect?

If your first or only comment on something I’ve made is asking for the UST file, or even worse DEMANDING it, that really makes me want to release it even less. I put out USTs as a fun thing to see how people use them, but that’s not the sole reason I use UTAU. To be treated like that’s my only purpose for existing within this fandom is really quite depressing.

Please, think before you comment. Expressing that you want or like the UST is fine but don’t make it the only thing you comment about. It’s incredibly rude and makes UST makers like myself think that the only reason you care about our work is for your own selfish gain. And well, maybe it is… but do you really want to be seen that way?

That is all I have to say.

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