I haven’t been as active as I usually am due to Capstone (senior project) work that’s been holding me back.

However, I will have my capstone show this Friday, and I’ll immediately jump back into working on Aiko’s voicebanks and uploading some videos for covers I’ve posted to soundcloud.

As for my English voicebank, since many people have asked about that, it’s around 70% done (at least for the single pitch I have recorded so far) but I can’t release it until Cz gives me the go-ahead. She’s finishing up her lists and tutorials, so once those are up, I’ll release Aiko’s monopitch English!

Blog updates: I went ahead and added a DISQUS comments section since I figured it’d be convenient for people who don’t use blogger, and since I plan to migrate to WordPress pretty soon.

One last thing, I’m a bit late in posting this here, but Mooncrafter and I did our yearly birthday video on the 12th:

That’s all for now! Wish me luck with Capstone ;v;/

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